Eastern Cape

Monty Albert Koert

Monty Koert, HOD and educator at Strelitzia Primary School in Bethelsdorp Ext 31, Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape passed on 28 June 2021 due to covid complications. Via Olivia Koert: https://www.facebook.com/groups/rememberourteacherssa/posts/331514268440328/ Memorial Service: https://fb.watch/v/wlG0CDMw/

Mrs Jantjies

MrsJantjies a teacher at Booysen Park High School in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape has passed away https://t.co/kIPh9fqTKv #rememberourteacherssa #RIP #teacherssa #zaedu @ECDOEZA pic.twitter.com/Qt2dnhaKML — Remember Our Teachers (@SaTeachersRIP) January 23, 2021

Florence De Vos

MsFlorence De Vos a former teacher at Seagull Primary in Uitenhage, Eastern Cape Died on 5 January 2021 https://t.co/kIPh9fqTKv #rememberourteacherssa #RIP #teacherssa #zaedu pic.twitter.com/YpDojARaQD — Remember Our Teachers (@SaTeachersRIP) January 22, 2021

Charmelle Machiu

Charmelle Machiu, Deputy Principal of Dower Practising School, Uitenhage, Eastern Cape, passed away on 2 May 2020.”Today, our school mourns the passing of our Deputy Principal, Ms.C.Machiu and our condolences are extended to her sister and family. Not only was Ms.Machiu an educator at our school, but also attended Dower from Grade 1 to Grade …

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