Remember our Teachers who passed away
Let us honour them in this virtual memorial space
Those numbers are turning into names
And those names are teachers, lecturers and admin staff we know
Please submit their names

Why this site

Our teachers are much more than numbers. They have names, they have families, they had hopes and dreams just like everyone else. We cannot allow them to disappear into South Africa’s statistical records.

For this reason we have created this #rememberourteacherssa campaign to make sure that each and every teacher, official, administrator, admin staff and teaching support person will be remembered and will not just be a number in a news item or press release.  Or not being mentioned at all, anywhere. 

As our teachers work on the front lines, we are estimating that more than 2000 teachers have died due to Covid-19. Some schools have lost more than one staff member, leaving a whole school community bereft. 

“At this stage, approximately 1 800 teachers have passed on in the Covid period. The number has spiked since the holidays, so we can safely say it is close to 2000.”
Basil Manuel, Spokesperson, NAPTOSA
So. let us acknowledge every one by putting names and faces to the numbers, to honour them as our fallen heroes.  


What can you do?

  • If you know of an educator, lecturer, staff member or educational official who has passed away, please add a post to our Facebook Group or submit their names here, so that their individual lives can be recorded. If you are sharing posts about teachers who have passed on, on social media, remember to add the hashtag #rememberourteacherssa. 
  • Please add your stories of your departed colleagues and celebrate their lives. 
  • Show appreciation by acknowledging them with a comment or a like. 
  • Ask your colleagues to join our Remembrance Group on Facebook (Remember our Teachers SA).

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